Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sales tax amnesty day

Critics of days like today when sales tax is temporarily suspended say that it doesn't really boost the economy by encouraging spending, since people just change the timing of purchases rather than doing more of them. And that's precisely what we did. The snowthrower I was going to buy this autumn is now sitting in my garage, patiently waiting for snow. Feels a bit odd to have something like this and not even fire it up once for months.

While we were out we started looking at mopeds and scooters, as a possible means of dealing with exercising Socks that won't wear out my knee when she gets difficult. However, I doubt that approach is going to pan out. First, they're so expensive. And second, I'd be hard pressed to find a way to rig a Springer to one, or hook up a leash safely to one in any other way. Probably my first idea, a motor add-on to a bike, will be a better approach; trouble is, most of them won't fit my bike, except the expensive and inefficient kind that work by friction drive against the wheels. It might be cheaper to buy a new bike with a motor already on it, than to retrofit a motor onto my existing bike, or to buy a moped. I just have to research the options a bit more.

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