Monday, August 03, 2009

Keeping up

Within a day of setting up a Facebook page I have almost twenty people listed as friends and a flurry of activity that's a little startling. The 20-odd blog posts that Facebook imported have gotten more comments in one day than my entire blog has received in total in the last two months, plus there were a bunch more comments from people who followed the link back to my blog. And that's just with my page and blog. How do people keep up with the million little games and quizzes and polls and the like?

On the other hand I don't expect I'll see a flood of additional friends, since just about everyone I know who has a Facebook page is already on there. Then again, I already got a few friends requests from people whose names I didn't recognize at first (since I mostly know them by other names) so it's hard to be sure what to expect.

Maybe this will be a good time to dig out some of my more philosophical speculation topics for my blog and see how well those fly in this environment. Assuming I feel I have time and energy enough to live up to them.

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