Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another injury

My right knee is just starting to recover from the various times when Socks overexerted me on walks or bikerides, and has a long way to go, but I've interrupted it with yet another injury. Last night while exercising Socks with a bikeride, I took a bad fall. I don't know what caused it because it was over too fast, but when I got back up, the breakaway on the Springer had slipped down off the top loop to just above the spring, and I don't know if that was a cause or an effect of the tumble. So I'm not sure if this was a failure of the Springer or just a bit of bad luck.

If I hadn't been wearing my bike helmet, I'd've been in worse shape, as I bumped my head on the pavement -- not bone-cracking hard, but certainly raising-a-bump hard. My biking gloves also protected my palm from being ripped open. But I did get pretty good bleeding scrapes on my left elbow and left knee.

The worst part by far though is the jarring I took to my shoulder. It didn't hurt too bad at first, but as time has passed it's gotten worse, not better. I still have a full range of motion on my left arm, but most movements cause sharp pains in the shoulder, enough to make me reluctant to move my arm at all. This really makes it hard to sleep since I sleep on that shoulder half the time normally, and even being on the other side, it's hard to avoid using that arm to position myself. It also renders me having to ask people to pick things up for me and do other mundane things, which drives me nuts.

I've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon to have them check it out, but I wonder what they'll do. Unless they've got a portable X-ray, all they can do is look at it and say, "sure looks like a shoulder, does it hurt?" and then refer me on to the physical therapist (or not, if they think it will recover on its own soon enough to not be worth it).

The bike was wholly uninjured, as was my phone and Bluetooth headset which continued pouring Colbie Callait to me through and after the tumble. Also, Socks was completely oblivious and uninterested; she immediately went to the end of her leash and sniffed there until I dragged her back. It might have been nice if she'd at least showed a hint of concern.

I sure would like to just go a couple of weeks without any dog-exercising-related injuries so I could recover fully. I hope that the electric-assist bike I've ordered will help with that.

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