Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dig little digger

The minor disappointment of this trip to the beach is that Socks doesn't like the sea. We took her in again today and the results were the same. She will chase a few waves, but very soon she's pulling back to shore, and she certainly doesn't want to go into anything deep enough for swimming. She likes her water still and saltless, apparently. Maybe we'll try a vacation on a lake.

However, she does like the beach itself, because her labrador heritage as a digger is never as successful as in wet sand. Boy, can she throw a ton of muddy sand across the beach fast. People at the beach were staring at her digging, and children in particular were fascinated by how deep she could go and how fast she did it.

One can't help wonder what smell is in those particular spots to make her want to dig there. Was there a crab? She certainly didn't uncover one (though one on the surface caught her interest until I had to take it away). But maybe a crab had been there before... though it's hard to imagine those spots were more crabby than the other acres of beach around them.

I didn't get a picture of her digging, and you know how I like to have a picture in every post, so here's instead some video from my Facebook page of her having fun with the sprinkler here at the motel. This was just one small bit of one of several encounters; she sure wants to teach that flying water a lesson!

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