Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bought a shed

Home Depot has a simple 8'x10' metal shed for $269 now, and with the snowthrower and electric bike added to an already-crowded garage, it was finally time to get one. Even after you add pressure-treated plywood for the floor (a foundation kit is included but wood is needed), it's still less than $350. So with some help from a friend, I picked one up today.

I'm not sure exactly where I'll put it. The area that's been chosen isn't very level, and I don't know how I can level it; it's full of rocks and tangled with the remnants of a previous attempt at a garden. We'll see if we can get a neighbor with a rototiller to soften the ground so I can try to dig out half of it and use it to level the other half, but that's still days of back-breaking labor, and I wish there was a better way. Another factor: I can't put it up there until a month or two from now when the trees that I'm having felled are done, which puts me tight against the coming of winter.

There's another possible place for it that would be more level to start with, but it's a spot that's a bit crowded with other things, and there's also a concern that snow sliding off the roof would land on it and crush it. Alternatively the same area but away from the house might be more accessible and avoid the snow problem but make the clutter look worse (though it would also hide some of it); it would also add some of the leveling work back in, though at least with fewer rocks and less scrub to deal with.

We're also going to paint the shed, and to make it easier, we'll paint it before it's assembled with spray paint. We're looking at a dark green.

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