Monday, August 24, 2009

Working again

First day back at the office after a week off. First day back after a catastrophe that happened while I was away. First day back staring down a juggernaut of work that makes the last few years pale in comparison. First day back gearing up to fight against the fact that this project is almost certainly doomed to failure. First day back after I started posting job applications.

I don't know if my blog posts are going to end up trailing off again. Maybe. I do know that while I might have a lot of overtime in the coming months, none of it is going to be unclaimed.

Last night I had some "house dreams" but these were at the office. We were being moved from space to space, finding in the new locations we didn't have enough outlets to power our servers but were still required to find a way to run them, stuff like that. It doesn't take a genius or clairvoyant to read the significance of a dream like that.

I'm so ready for some normalcy again. Guess that will have to wait a while more.

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