Saturday, August 15, 2009

Renting a midlife crisis

On seeing a sexy sports car today while out shopping, it occurred to me that if I were going to have a mid-life crisis, this would be the ideal time for it. Having a terrible time at work, just passed a birthday, and financially solvent enough to be a little extravagant. Heck, I could probably buy a sexy sports car if I wanted to... but I don't really.

I wouldn't mind driving one once just to see how it felt, though. I can only imagine what it feels like to hit 100 on a flat stretch of road... or to really let go in a convertible. And on a private course that's perfectly legal. I wonder if anyone offers an hourly rental mid-life crisis? As I doubt anyone's going to invent braintaping during my lifetime, a rental is probably the only way I'll ever find out. A sleek, sexy sports car of the kind only rich people own, like a gleaming red Ferrari, and a nice open private course. Sure, even with a private course with no other cars and no obstacles, there's some danger, but people run businesses doing lots of other dangerous sports so I'm sure it'd be feasible. And they could charge enough to make it work.

I would find out on Google if such things exist but I can't think what to search on to avoid the real hits being buried. The closest thing I found in a quick search was a private golf course with a relationship with a nearby car rental agency. Still, if I thought of it, some entrepeneur probably thought of it too.

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