Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My dog-exercise-related injuries are subsiding. We visited the doctor's office to verify that my shoulder was all right, and the doctor corroborated my impression that it was just sore, bruised, and maybe at most sprained, but nothing torn or broken, and nothing that won't recover on its own. He gave me a few exercises which might help it recover faster, and of course ice (and Icy-Hot) will help it feel better. And it already does feel a good deal better, though still not enough for me to sleep on either side.

The scrapes on knee and elbow just have a few twinges now and then, and they sure look angry, but they're not hurting too much.

The electric bike wasn't due to ship until next week, but to my surprise it shipped yesterday and is due to arrive tomorrow. After I get it, and try it with the Springer, I'll figure out if I want to keep my old bike. If the electric bike adds enough weight that I wouldn't want to use it as an everyday bike for my own riding, I will probably keep my old bike (though where I'll keep them all I have no idea!). If it feels comfortable to use the electric bike on non-dog-exercising rides, I might sell the old bike, if I can find someone local who'd want it.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to write about topics other than how my dog is plotting to murder me!

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