Thursday, August 27, 2009

EZIP Electric-assist bike

The bike arrived today and I just finished assembly. The battery is charging overnight.

It's clearly a regular bicycle with an add-on already installed from the factory; the instructions include whole sections that are clearly written for the regular bicycle. Of course, if they sold this motor as a separate kit it would be a real pain to install, so that's just as well.

I gave it a very brief ride without the motor, and the bike is fairly heavy, and very solid, and would probably be a fair bit wearying to take on a long trip without the motor assisting. It's certainly usable as a bike, but I don't think it'll replace my regular bike for riding for enjoyment or exercise. Of course, it's also possible I need to adjust things and it'll ride more smoothly than that test. It was too dark to really check for those sorts of things.

I also attached the Springer bracket to it, so tomorrow I will give it a try with Socks and with the battery. Probably I will try it without Socks first to get the hang of the motor assist and how that works.

The only down side is noticing that the price dropped $28 since I ordered it. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

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