Sunday, January 03, 2010

Throwing snow

The snowthrower I bought back in August (on sales tax amnesty day) finally got started up for the first time today, due to the foot and a half of snow we got in the last day or two (and are still getting). And I am pleased as punch with it. Whoever invented snowthrowers deserves a big wet sloppy kiss.

First observation is that electric start is a wonderful thing. Since the snowthrower comes with oil already in place, you just fill it with gas, plug it in, prime it, and press the start button, and voom, you're ready to go. Second observation is that the chute control, which turns it side to side, doesn't quite work; in the spring I'm going to have to see if I can do anything to adjust it. And the third observation is... holy cow, is this easier than shoveling.

It just cuts through deep heavy snow like nothing. The only place it didn't just chop through it was alongside the shed, which I was clearing so I could pull the snow down from the shed roof; there, I had to put it in slow and move up at an angle to cut down some of the piled-up snow in a first pass before removing more in a second pass. (Then pull more snow off the roof and then plow that away too.)

I also discerned that I definitely need heavy winter gloves for this. I used to have some and I think they may still be around somewhere, but I never use them because they're too bulky and I rarely need the extra warmth. But this is one job that requires it.

It'll be no trouble to keep a path to the shed and propane tank clear, as well as to the front door and around the deck where Socks's line reaches (so we can untangle it -- she just loves romping in snow but she always loops around the deck posts).

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