Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No news is bad news

By now I was expecting to have been writing about the T1 for at least a few days, or maybe a week, but we're currently stuck in a hazy limbo of nothingness. Not only didn't they get it set up for the weekend, there was no movement on Monday. The card inside the termination box still has no lights on -- that one time I saw lights on Thursday morning was a fluke, apparently.

All we've heard is that they're looking to reroute to another facility to avoid the problems that are causing it to fail, which sounds ominous; yet our contact also seems to think they should have already done it by now, which suggests he thinks it's no big deal (and at the same time suggests that since it hasn't, maybe it's bigger than he thinks).

No one wants to talk ETAs, but no one's even raising the specter of the possibility of it not being possible, either. So we're just waiting to hear. Every day, at least once and more often twice a day, I check the T1 box in hopes of seeing lights, and if I do see them I intend to bring down the Eee and see if we have Internet (though even then I won't cut over the house until Fairpoint makes it official). And just waiting. Meh.

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