Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Close but not quite

The router is now configured and ready, the cables run (except that my cable from the T1 router to the WiFi router is still not run through the floor since the Wildblue cable is still in the way), and everything is set... except the T1's not quite up yet. The very friendly fellow from Fairpoint explained that there are still two issues to be resolved upstream, but that these will probably not require anyone to come back to the house. As of yesterday afternoon he said they might be done as early as last night (which they weren't), but if not, the issue would automatically be escalated to become top of the list today.

Of course while he was very positive, I'm prepared to hear that it's not quite ready and might be a few more days. Heck, there's still a part of me holding onto the "sorry, we can't give you a T1" possibility so it won't be such a crushing disappointment if it comes to that, though I think that's quite unlikely at this point.

But there's still a chance that when I get home tonight, I'll be configuring and running cables and stuff to get our shiny new T1 live. Maybe! And if not, then very soon. We're really, really close.

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litlfrog said...

I predict that it will be the happiest cable run ever! Possibly with whistling.