Friday, January 22, 2010

T1 for the weekend

The fixing of the last few problems with our T1 line is hanging up mostly because of the cold going around that's hit a lot of Fairpoint's techs, so even though we're escalated, it's still taking a while. Since as recently as last weekend I thought we were a couple of weeks out at best, the delay isn't too hard to accept, but at the same time... a few days ago we were inches away and in theory we're closer but we're still not there and that's frustrating. It would have been great to have the weekend to spend setting things up, but no such luck.

Actually, Fairpoint says we might have T1 over the weekend, it just wouldn't be reliable. Apparently there's rain coming Monday and there's some resplicing that will need to be done to make sure that the rain doesn't interfere with our connection. So they don't want to promise anything before the rain comes.

Yesterday morning there were lights on in the termination box, which was one of the problems that Michael described while he was setting the router up, solved. But the lights were back off when I got home and have been since. I assume that means the problem is still fixed but they're not still pumping signal through because of other things they're doing.

Even if the T1 becomes live today, I probably won't be able to cut over to using it network-wide because I can't run both the Wildblue cable and the cable from the new router at the same time, so I can't switch over until it's all done. Though there might be ways to fake it by using another cable temporarily.

Waiting... waiting... are we there yet? There are so many things to try!

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