Thursday, January 14, 2010

T1 termination box

This morning Fairpoint contacted us with some details about the T1 line including a note that it would be a couple more weeks while some final construction things were done. They also got us our IP addresses and we planned to set a time for them to help me set up my router.

Unexpectedly, a pair of Fairpoint guys showed up to check out where the lines could come in, and ended up installing the termination box for the T1, pictured here. That they could get in and do this was sheer happenstance: no one ever told us anyone was coming around today, so no one planned to be home, but I happened to be home sick.

When they were done, they said they were running self-tests overnight on the line, and if they all passed, they wouldn't even need to be back; otherwise, they might be back tomorrow. I contacted the people back at the office who'd said a couple of weeks, and they said that now, maybe in a couple of days, we can set a date.

It's hard not to be too hopeful, but if things go the way they're talking about, we could have T1 Internet next week some time.

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