Saturday, January 09, 2010

Free calendars

There is a pale spot on the wall in the living room where the wood hasn't aged and yellowed as much as the area around it. It's rectangular, taller than it is wide, and has a nail right at the top. It's like that because there has always been a calendar there, but since we very rarely used it (we usually use the calendars on computers or smartphones) we never paid for one, we just put up one of the free ones that we used to always get.

Years ago when the house was new, we got nice free calendars from the Nature Conservancy, or from local organizations, usually with nicely picturesque imagery. But each year it was harder and harder to get a free calendar, we found it later in the year, and we had to settle for less attractive subject matter. Last year, at the last minute I found a free calendar of images of wild ginseng from some organization which exists to promote wild ginseng. (I didn't know it needed promotion. And a year later, I have to admit I still don't.)

But this year I found nothing, no one at all offering free calendars. I can't decide whether to bite the bullet, pull out the nail, and let that spot try to catch up aging, or if I should fork over a buck to get a cheap calendar at Big Lots.

So tell your Congressman to allocate some of that stimulus money to free calendars to help restore our economy to what it once was! Free wall calendars are what made America great.

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