Saturday, January 30, 2010


I was listening to the Paramore song CrushCrushCrush and thinking, hey, this would be fun to drum, I wish they made it for Rock Band, and then didn't think about it again for an hour. Then I thought, maybe I should go submit it as a request, and again, didn't think about it for an hour while I was busy doing other things. Then I thought about it once more and I went to request it and thought, I should check first if it's there, and sure enough, it is. So I had to buy it.

(So far I've only played it on Easy because I'm trying to adjust to my cymbals and that requires retraining my twitches. But even on Easy, it is fun to play.)

The lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, usually wears her hair in shades of red that do not occur in nature. She has delicate features that have an alien quality about them; she's pretty (despite having almost no figure) but yet she's not pretty because she seems too otherworldly. (And the red hair only exacerbates that.) It seems clear to me that she's a changeling, a fae child swapped for a human child. No surprise she shows musical talent.

If you're not convinced, consider this. Socks, our dog, usually shows no interest in the TV, despite being fascinated by people. However, when there's a dog on the TV she will run over and sniff trying to find it, often putting her nose right up to where the dog is on the screen. She'll respond to other animals though to a lesser extent, and if the creature is heard but not seen she might go to the speaker instead of the TV. Though she finds people fascinating in real life, she shows no interest in people on the TV. However, when I watch videos with Paramore in them, she almost always goes over to sniff at Hayley Williams.

(The exception is "Brick By Boring Brick," in which Hayley has blonde hair that looks distinctively human, and is wearing a dress of a style typical on a little girl; the video conveys some of the air of a fairy tale, and has odd coloration. Socks has no interest in that Hayley, only the redhead-and-variations Hayley.)

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