Sunday, April 05, 2009

The wall is up

I keep having flashes of the dialogue from A Midsummer Night's Dream, even though it's more about a wall being down than up, but my wall even has "a chink to blink through" (because the waferboard pieces are just not quite big enough to cover it all, due to the width of the 2x4s). But the wall is up in the woodshed, separating it into two sections.

Building the framing was easy, but putting the wall into place proved very tricky. First of all, it turns out that a wall made from two sheets of waferboard and nine 2x4s weighs, surprisingly, as much as two sheets of waferboard and nine 2x4s, which is an awful lot for one person to lift or move. Moving the wall into position and then lifting it into place by myself was crazy hard. Then it turns out that the garage floor is not entirely level, which I should have expected: it slopes down towards the drain in the center. This threw my plans off. I ended up having to use a different method to attach the new wall to the outside wall, involving jigsaw-cutting a corner out to avoid the footing, and then propping the wall up with a crowbar and slipping a bit of 2x4 under it (now a permanent part of it). On the upside, I ended up with an extra 2x4 in the offing. This also changed how it's connected to the overhead beam, and the result there is not quite as solid as I originally hoped, but it's certainly more than adequate to hold up to the pressure of wood stacked against it.

Moving the seasoned wood into the garage will have to wait until the ground is firm enough to roll the tractor and trailer out to where it is, so probably a week or two.

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