Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Itsy bitsy spider, crawled up the... HDTV?

The other day, Siobhan asked me to brush a spider off the front of the TV, but when I went to do it, there was no spider... just the shadow of one. It turns out that somehow, the spider has gotten inside the TV and seems to be living happily in there. We sometimes see it crawl up or down, seen as a shadow that appears to be walking on the inner surface of the screen. Yesterday it crawled right up Dubya's nose on the Daily Show.

So far it's not doing any harm, but I can't imagine it's good for the TV for it to be doing whatever it's doing when I'm not seeing it. I posted on the Toshiba DLP thread on AVS Forum in hopes of getting some advice -- there are people there talking all the time about taking things apart to clean color wheels and such -- but no one has answered. So this weekend, I'm going to dig out the manual and hopefully figure out how to get in there and get the spider out without hurting the TV.

How the heck it got in there, I have no idea. Or what it's eating while it's in there.

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