Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vacation time

Work has been remarkably difficult and stressful now, with a lot of time pressure, as we near the culmination of a more-than-two-year project of huge scale. We now have a deadline to which we're committed, so the time pressure is an order of magnitude more. This project has had lots of major delays, most of them due to the contractor jerking us around.

We've got a short vacation starting tomorrow, just three nights in Connecticut, nothing extraordinary. It's not exactly a tourist hot-spot, just a cheap motel and a few things to visit like a tour of a submarine, a visit to a park, maybe some shopping. The important thing is just a chance to get away and relax. And boy, do I need it.

I'll have my Eee with me and I will succumb to the temptation to check my work email once in a while. But the real trick will be deciding whether to come back to work on Thursday, or take the other two days of the week to continue to relax. On the one hand, I might be still feeling strained, and I don't want to deprive myself of the time off I need. On the other hand, stuff's got to get done, and if I put off going back, I'll just be coming back to even more pressure. We'll see how I feel Wednesday night.

Having my Eee also means I might blog a bit while I'm out, and I might not. We'll see how it goes. So don't count on more blog posts the next few days, but don't be surprised if they do show up.

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litlfrog said...

Enjoy Connecticut! I hope you remember stuff about the submarines to tell me. :)