Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bicycle season

My efforts to tune up our bicycles worked out well. The first half of the owner's manual is pretty awful with lots of directions that are unclear because the manual applies to a half-dozen different models and it's nearly impossible to figure out which directions to use. However, the second half, which covers maintenance, is a lot clearer. There's still sections for different styles of bike, and a few places where directions refer to things without defining them or telling which of the adjustment screws they mean. But with a little patience and some experimentation it's possible to figure most of it out. And while I didn't figure out everything about the brakes (turns out they're "V-Brakes", as pictured here), I figured out enough to give them the adjustments they needed.

On the other hand, my plans to try to get the spider out of my TV have dead-ended. Unsurprisingly the manual doesn't address anything even remotely similar to the situation, and an examination of the TV revealed no obvious methods of proceeding. And no one has responded to my post on the AVSforum thread for the TV. I won't take any risks that I might harm or break the TV, so for now, all I can do is hope nothing comes of it. The spider hasn't been seen in a week or so. Maybe it moved on, or died in there. Either way it's probably not spinning a web over the color-wheel or anything.

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