Saturday, April 11, 2009


While doing the dishes, I dropped a fairly heavy pot and it fell with the handle pointing down right on the part of my toes where they join the foot. Damn, it hurt so much. I had to stop and put ice on it. A few hours later and it's starting to bruise up, a diagonal slash of angry purple across the big toe and the second toe. Very nasty, with a low-level ache.

Nevertheless, I went out and did some yard work, since in the front yard the ground is dry enough to get the tractor across it. I hauled in all the rounds from the big tree (though there's still 8' or so to be bucked, the thickest and hardest wood) to the woodshed. Most of it is still too wet to be split, though I did split one of the pieces that had dried up on the deck and it split nicely. The whole time I kept thinking, somewhere along the way I'm going to drop a round on my toe, or hit it with the hammer, or let the trailer drop on it, but I managed to avoid it.

I also did some work on the bikes getting them ready for the next season, but I can't quite nudge the brakes into the right alignment; no matter what I do, when you release them, one side drags just a little bit. It might be worth getting a shop to give them a tune-up; these brakes aren't quite like the ones I know how to adjust. Again, I kept being afraid I was going to drop something on my foot, but again, managed to avoid it.

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