Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring cleaning

The roof is clear of snow, and the deck is getting very close, and all the rounds from the big tree I felled last year are no longer covered in snow. That means it's time for spring projects and spring cleaning.

Today I hope to get a bunch of odds and ends done -- putting back up a piece of siding that fell, hooking up the garden hose, charging the tractor, and the like -- plus one big project, the woodshed middle wall. Once that's done, I can move the stacked wood from last year (both the cord we bought, which I stacked outside, and the most-of-a-cord I cut) into one side to be next year's wood.

I also have gotten the last of the cables for the home theater so I'm hoping to finish that up, but that'll only take a few minutes.

I already made this year's earthboxes last week, so at least that's off the list!

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