Monday, April 27, 2009

One should have flown over

I'm typing on my Eee in the Parthenon Diner in Old Saybrook, CT. No, this isn't a tweet-substitute, I'm just delighted at how well my Eee is working, and how prevalent free WiFi is getting.

The Parthenon is just what you expect from a diner, and that's a good thing. Portion sizes are a bit out of control, but the food is solid, nothing exceptional but reliable.

Last night's dinner, however, was a fiasco. Somehow we got our Mexican restaurants mixed up and went to the worst Mexican food ever. The cheese enchilada had muenster cheese on the inside and not-quite-melted American cheese on the outside. The guacamole was from a can. The chicken taco had chicken in it... not shredded, mind you, just a huge hunk of flavorless chicken.

I've been in a lot of Mexican restaurants that made a big deal of their margarita and tequila options, but I've never been in one where it seemed almost everyone else was availing themselves heavily of those options. Even on a Sunday night. The women were overdressed for the occasion -- saw one very attractive woman in a sapphire blue evening gown, with a guy in cut-off jeans and a shirt spotted with engine grease. The place had a piano player, but the ambiance was every narrow cluttered Mexican restaurant you've ever been in. What a jumble.

I never got to ask why it was called the Cuckoo's Nest, especially considering cuckoos don't make nests.


litlfrog said...

My ears spontaneously filled with an unidentifiable gray spooge after reading about the Muenster/American cheese combo and I couldn't read anything after that. Did the post have an exciting ending?

Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

While the later parts of the post did feature an attractive woman who had had too much tequila, regrettably, there wasn't a happy ending in any sense of the phrase.