Friday, April 03, 2009


My Eee is here! It wasn't expected until next week, but it's arrived. All I've done with it so far is churn through the initial setup stuff -- that three hours of installing patches and changing the default-stupid settings of Windows and such. Next step will be installing the software I want to run on it.

The green is not the nicest color. It also has some odd pixelated designs on it which I really don't like -- they look like smudges more than anything. The inside is white with green smudges. So while it's not entirely pretty, and a few improvements could have made it a lot better, it's still better than plain black or white. Other models were available in blue and pink, but not this one; and the red model is always out of stock. (Besides, Siobhan's is black, so better they can be easily told apart.) As far as the size, though, it's positively adorable.

My primary use for it will be a place to write when I'm on the road, but it'll also be secondarily a window onto the Internet for all my private matters, which helps separate them from my main laptop, which is owned by my employer. But I'm also interested in how good it'll be as a roleplaying game support tool. It should be able to run programs like IRIS and GURPS Character Assistant. If more roleplaying games were available for the Kindle, the combination of Eee and Kindle would be a superb travelling roleplaying bundle.

We've had a long-standing tradition of giving computers names that end in the letters "us", ever since by coincidence my first three ended up named Colossus, Abacus, and Pegasus. Since we have a matched pair for me and Siobhan, we chose Incubus for mine and Succubus for hers.

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