Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Building that wall for the woodshed didn't make me particularly sore or even tired out at the time I did it, but over the following days, a sort of low-level but persistent soreness has settled in. Last night it even contributed to a poor night's sleep.

I've noticed that as my weight drops and my general health and energy levels increase, I get less sore, particularly doing humdrum things like walking or shopping. But I also find that I can do full-out work like woodcutting or carpentry for a long time without feeling it, and still not feel it for hours later, and then it gradually creeps in, hours or days later. This isn't what used to happen. I wonder if this is the normal thing and I just haven't encountered it. Maybe while I was weighing so much more and had such poorer health generally, I never got far enough into ache-making work to get this longer-term, slower-build achiness that takes so long to mature, because more quick-acting, acute aches would kick in and stop me before I got that far.

While this ache is longer lasting and certainly took longer to mature, it's still nowhere near as bad as the achiness I used to get from something as routine as a few hours of grocery-shopping. So I'm not complaining, that's for sure.

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