Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting back on the horse

Each night after work this week I've taken Socks back out for a short, easy bikeride. We're not going that far, I'm letting the electric assist do more of the work, and I'm being less inclined to let her decide how far we go on the walking part so as to not overexert myself or strain my knee, which is mostly better but still a little stiff at times and occasionally sensitive to being jarred or jostled in the wrong place or direction. (The swelling from the blood bubble is still there, barely visible but not gone yet. It's likely to take a while.) I've also been starting up doing exercise on the recument bike at work this week and will probably go back to the regular bike next week.

My rides with Socks have been a bit nerve-wracking, more so than after any other bike accident I've had, perhaps because of how close this last one was to being far, far worse. I'm tense, wary, alert to every sound and shift, and having to stop myself from thinking through worry-scenarios. The fact is, the cause of that accident (and of the previous one, actually) has been remedied: I'm not using the retractable leash to counteract the safety features of the Springer anymore. So an accident like that is now scarcely any more likely than on any other bikeride. But I'm still going through that "getting back on the horse" phenomenon, and it's still a little nervous. I've never really gone through this before, that I can recall.

It feels good to be getting back into exercising, since I'd been just beginning to emerge from the torpor of winter when the accident set me back another three weeks. And I suppose the nervousness is starting to fade a little, and is likely to continue to do so.

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