Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plumbing woes continued

The continuing saga of my plumbing woes with the water softener:

Sunday: Al and I cut into the pipe and tried to clean it out with lengths of sturdy wire and a plumbing snake. We didn't get any obvious clots out, but the snake was going far enough in that it seemed to be getting into the main pipe, so we figured it might be clear. We reaffixed it with a collar and then forced the water softener to flush, and nothing came out, so we were hopeful, but we left cardboard under it so if it leaked later we'd know.

Monday: The cardboard was soaked and there were puddles over a fairly large area of the basement, so it must have flushed again later and this time spewed water. So I reopened the collar and used my wet-dry shopvac to pull out the standing water and kept working it, along with the wire, to try to loosen and suck out any clog. I got a bunch of thick yellowish stuff that probably shouldn't be investigated very closely (at least going on the smell), but again, I can't feel confident I cleared a clog, since I didn't pull out anything really definitively cloggish, like a knot of hair. Tried flushing the water softener again but it didn't push out water, probably because it had just been flushed, so I have to wait for its next regen (Tuesday night) to see if it spills again.

Thursday: Though I forced another regeneration on Wednesday night, still no new water. I don't know if that means I got the clog, though. When I did the regeneration on Monday, it skipped the "purge" cycle and went straight to "fill", which makes me wonder if it isn't doing that part now even when I force a regeneration because it did it recently enough to not have anything to purge. I think I'm not going to know if it's fixed until a week or two has passed without any more spills.

Sunday: Still no spillage. Dare I assume it's fixed?

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