Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bachelor nights

I took Siobhan to the airport yesterday, and will pick her up on Thursday, so I'm now into my three-night-long bachelor interlude. Though it's not so much of a separation; Siobhan's been chatting with Socks (and sometimes me) via Skype regularly. (Okay, to be fair, it was mostly me. Socks was intrigued at hearing Mommy's voice and came over to look at the screen for a minute, but soon lost interest. The computer doesn't smell like Mom.)

I decided to plan my three nights of cooking all at once. Last night I cooked a largish amount of seasoned ground beef, and had tacos. The leftover beef will make good nachos tonight, and burritos tomorrow night. Three meals out of one package of meat means I don't have to adjust for the quantities of our packages being suited for a meal for two, and lets me get some of the gap between my appreciation for Tex-Mex and Siobhan's to be made up. Plus those are all easy meals. And I can easily keep up with the dishes. (I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it last night, so since I can load everything as I use it, the house will end the week with no dirty dishes.)

The house isn't really quiet: on the contrary, there's constant music. But it does feel a little empty. Fortunately, Socks has enough energy for everyone.

Had hoped to get a head start on my regular activities of the week but got sidetracked last night by a lot of things so I'm now a day behind. Plus, I have some desks to pick up tonight and assemble, which wasn't in my original schedule for the week.

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