Friday, April 23, 2010

Better luck with robots

I'm happy to report that my previous bad luck with robots has been resolved. Unfortunately, it was resolved at some cost to my bank account, but at least the robots are cheerfully hard at work.

Scooba unfortunately had to have most of it replaced (the actual robot, just not the batteries, charger, walls, etc.) and with a model one model down. It just means I can't run it as long between charges, though; it still does the job. Scooba's replacement happened first, so I've had to run her without Roomba going over the floors first, which is tricky; I have to empty the screen more often, and change batteries more often, and watch her more closely.

Roomba's replacement part came Monday night and was surprisingly easy to install. Now Roomba's hard at work doing the living room, which gets way too muddy and sandy (with so much traffic, including dog traffic) for Scooba to be able to clean on her own. (Roomba's battery still could use replacement, though. It's a great disappointment that the newer models use a battery you can't swap in and out so you can't run Roomba on one while another charges, like I do with the Scooba.)

I used the bachelor nights to try to catch up on Roombaing, to get it done when the noise wouldn't bother Siobhan, but I didn't quite finish so I'm doing more today during my work-from-home day. Good to have the robots back at work and better able to take care of themselves.

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