Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Building up a buffer

I took my own snarky criticism to heart and have been building up a buffer of blog posts. As of this writing, I'll have five completed and two partially-completed posts in the can, plus this one is itself being written in advance.

It's sorely tempting some days to just publish a previously-written one, but I am making an effort to keep the pipeline moving by writing a new post each day, so that I keep my buffer up. The main thing I'm doing is, when I have an idea, I try to write the post as soon after as possible, even if it won't get published for a while. Ideas often seem more worth writing at the time I have them than when I come back to them as an item on a list.

Of course there are always "timely" posts that have to do with whatever is going on in my life that day, which means the less timely posts can afford to wait. Even those I've found I can write partially ahead. For instance, I was adding to a post about the progress on my plumbing woes as I went, and published when I felt like it was enough.

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