Thursday, May 27, 2010

Transitory to-do lists

I've got that kind of personality that is called "pathologically organized" by people who can't find their keys and forgot to pay the electric bill. I make a lot of lists. My smartphone is always, always on my person, so I can jot down additions to my various to-do lists any time something occurs to me, and so I can review what's the next thing to do.

But that's still not enough. I regularly find myself, on getting up to do something, having to make a list of items to do on this trip, summarizing each one with a word, and then repeating the string of words to myself, because it's not worth it to write them down when it's just one little trip around the house, but I will lose items otherwise. Maybe it's a sign of my advancing age, though it seems like I've been doing this for many years.

I wonder if someone would be puzzled or amused to hear me walking around saying "bug-spray helmet jacket harness gloves" over and over -- or maybe even more so for a list that fits together less well, like "charge soda load headset slippers." But if I heard someone else doing something like that, I'd just nod knowingly at the kindred spirit.

The thing is, I never do. Maybe it's just me.

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