Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bridal shower versus bachelor party

Admittedly, the bachelor party I'm planning and hosting is not your ordinary bachelor party. No scantily-clad girls will be jumping out of any cakes or dancing around any poles, and the most potent potable there will be diet Pepsi. Instead of the usual fare, we're going to play lazer tag, miniature golf, and arcade games at Pizza Putt through one of their group event plans. But all in all this is probably about the same amount of work and complexity to plan as the more traditional version.

By contrast, the bridal shower which is going on at my house later today (as of this writing, Saturday, May 22), seems like planning and carrying out an invasion. The whole preceding week has been a flurry of housecleaning and moving furniture and shopping. Between decorations, party favors, cleaning supplies, and food, we've had to do a ton of shopping for this event, and it's not even finished. There's cooking to be done, too. There were games and events to plan and prepare for. Later today, we have to move most of the living room furniture out into other rooms, and rearrange most of what's left. I'll have to take the dog out for four or five hours and find somewhere to occupy her that won't involve her going nuts or digging up anyone's yard, which means I'll have to stay on the move, most likely. And when it's all done we have to move all the furniture back.

All I have to do is set a time, make a reservation, and do a little coordinating of shared rides. Maybe when we get there I'll need to offer a bit of leadership in setting up teams and times for lazer tag, or when to eat the included pizza. I guess I got off easy.

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