Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All hair colors are hot

What hair color is sexiest on a woman? I have a paradoxical reaction to this question which I can't make any sense of, because they all seem to fit. It's not like I don't have a favorite, and it's not like which one is my favorite changes from day to day. Simultaneously, paradoxically, each of them is my favorite. Which makes no sense and which I can't resolve or even explain. It's like if I think of any one hair color on a woman, I get the same reaction of appreciation you'd expect if it was my favorite hair color, the same one I might get from thinking of some other trait that was particularly of interest to me.

I can't really compare when they all get that reaction. If I try, I can think of a reason for each one. For instance, redheads are exotic for being scarcer, especially more natural shades of red, and that seems like an edge... until I think of one of the other colors, which brushes aside any sense that redheads really have an edge after all. It's like my favorite really is "whichever one I'm thinking of right now" as if I had no more memory than a cat.

About the only thing that doesn't get that reaction is the more obviously artificial colorations. Even then, an obviously artificial red sheen on brown hair, or a bottle blonde, isn't too bad, just not as "favorite" as a more natural-looking color. Though go too far into unnatural and it starts to lose appeal. Bubblegum pink is tolerable; green, however, and you've lost me.

I guess I just like hair. Still, it makes no sense to me. I can certainly understand not being able to pick a favorite, but what does it even mean, beyond a meaningless banality, to say they're all favorites? I have a feeling the distinction isn't coming through in this text.

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