Saturday, May 02, 2009

Where we ate in Connecticut

This wasn't one of those vacations where chances to get to good food, or food we can't usually get, or both, was a big part of the planning. But we still had some noteworthy meals.
  • Sunday Lunch: The Parthenon Diner: If you like diner food and the diner experience (and I know some people make a big deal out of it) you couldn't ask for better. For me, diners are neither good nor bad. Their buffalo wings were spicy enough, though they do make me think how much better Siobhan's crackling wings are.
  • Sunday Dinner: Cuckoo's Nest: I already wrote about this, and for fear of making more unidentifiable gray spooge appear in litlfrog's ears, I'll avoid repeating myself. The menu said "best Mexican food in Connecticut" which is already funny on the face of it, even if it were true. In the end, a Taco Bell would have blown it away.
  • Monday Breakfast: The Parthenon Diner: I guess we liked it, eh? Had an egg wrap sandwich that really needed some salsa.
  • Monday Lunch: Wendy's: We can't get Wendy's back home, but mostly we stopped here because it was convenient. Later, we also got a pair of $2.50 cupcakes from one of the quainte olde shoppes in Olde Misticke Village. They were fairly good, but not $2.50 good.
  • Monday Dinner: Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale: One of those places where 95% of the menu is fish, leaving me only three choices. The chef salad I picked was perfectly serviceable.
  • Tuesday Breakfast: Paperback Café: A pleasant enough café of precisely the type that should have had free Wi-Fi. But it didn't. Had an egg sandwich on a bagel; fairly good.
  • Tuesday Lunch: Stop n Shop: We just picked up some things at the grocery store to have as a sort of picnic lunch on the beach at Rocky Neck State Park.
  • Tuesday Dinner: Alforno's Ristorante: Pretty good pizza. They had some nice but expensive Italian dishes too, including veal parmigiana. Wonder how good that would have been.
  • Wednesday Breakfast: Leftovers: Cold pizza for breakfast (in a pinch, cold spaghetti'll do).
  • Wednesday Lunch: Cavos: On the drive back we stopped in the Hartford area to visit this fairly nice Greek restaurant. The waitress was amazed by my Eee. Had a gyro platter with a generous portion of pretty good meat, but the tzatziki was only okay, there were no veggies, and there was way too little pita for the amount of everything else.
We didn't try the $7.95 antelope-burger at the Pequot Museum. I kid you not. We also never stopped for donuts.

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