Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The whole place screams 'go away'

Not far outside the Montpelier-Barre area, on a state highway that's only moderately used, out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a few farms and houses nearby, there's a middling-sized warehouse for Pine State Trading Company. The building is wholly unassuming, despite the garish yellow-and-green color scheme.

However, very uncharacteristically for the surroundings, it has high chain link fence with razor wire on top of it. Nothing has that kind of protection in this area, even in the cities, let alone out on a rural highway.

Pine State trucks are often rolling around the roads around here, they're actually a pretty common sight once you start looking for them, though most people don't notice them. But no one really knows what they do. No one I know has ever heard of anyone who does business with them. There's nothing on the building or the trucks to suggest what they're carrying. Still, they're everywhere.

If you wanted to have some kind of cover for covert operations, the kind that would let you pull a truck up in front of a business for surveillance without anyone suspecting anything, or cart off things (or people), wouldn't this be the perfect cover? What is Pine State really trading, anyway?

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