Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clothes shopping

Being able to buy clothes at WalMart is really a wonderful thing that is easy to take for granted. More generally, being able to buy clothes locally is great, being able to try things on, look at varieties, not pay a lot in shipping. But it's also nice to have a wide variety of things at great prices.

But it turns out to have a dark side. It also means Siobhan can buy clothes at WalMart. And that means the process, which was formerly done at home where I could be doing anything I liked, is now being done where I have to sit and wait.

And sit and wait.

And sit. And wait.

Thankfully, they have benches, and I have a Kindle. Even so, I think that part took longer than the whole rest of the store. I need to arrange the clothes-shopping to coincide with a time when I can do a whole other store while it's happening!

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