Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Holding hands

Lately I've noticed a lot of younger couples walking around holding hands in an entirely un-self-conscious way. Not just one or two, but a lot of them, like it's a trend thing, like it's become hip to hold hands. Not that the area I live is the cutting edge of trends -- if it's happening here now it was probably a trend two years ago -- but even if the trend is time-shifted it's still surprising.

I would have expected hand-holding to be considered entirely square and corny, either a vestige of a much older generation, or a marginalized thing like chastity pledges that decidedly-uncool people do. But the people I'm seeing holding hands are definitely the type who have some awareness of, and interest in, at least the basic social trends. Okay, none of them are wearing whatever's in GQ or Vogue, or drinking designer appletinis. But neither are they likely to be wearing a porkpie hat or listening to Cat Stevens records (unless he's cool again -- music comes around more quickly than things like hand-holding).

So what's the story? Did Jessica Biel hold hands with Matt Damon in a movie or something?

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