Thursday, July 30, 2009

Only goes one way

I know that playing Rock Band drums is not like playing real drums, but even so, you can tell a few things about the actual songs playing Rock Band versions.

I've gotten a bunch of track packs recently, one of which is the AC/DC Live track pack, which features some twenty AC/DC songs played live. And I can only conclude one thing. It must be very reassuring for AC/DC's drummer, that when he gets up in the morning, he knows just what he's going to be doing that day. "I think I'll alternate kick drum and snare through the verse, then on the chorus I'll play hi-hats with a snare every fourth beat," he says to himself, and nods. How comforting such regularity must be.

I've had to start spacing out the AC/DC tracks by interspersing something else in between, just so I don't get bored. Really I'm only still doing them out of a pernicious desire for completeness. Plus one or two of them had something vaguely different in them. Vaguely.

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