Friday, July 17, 2009

Attention-seeking behavior

A half hour into my time at home alone, and Socks has already worn out my patience. During that time there have already been three incidents in which she should have gotten a time-out, but I had no way to give her one -- trying to catch her to give her one counts as play (and she's very good at it too). Right now she's outside barking and I can't stop her because anything I can do to go stop her gets counted as attention which means it just encourages her.

She's entirely fine provided I am doing nothing, every minute of the day, but paying attention to her. Unfortunately, I can't. For one thing, I have work to do, not to mention chores and a few things for myself, and maybe even some destressing. I have an overfull day of things to do even without her expecting 100% of my time.

This is already exhausting and it's barely started. I hope I don't end up needing a vacation from my vacation.

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