Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New phone

Got my new HTC Fuze yesterday; Siobhan's had come in a few days earlier. Today amongst a number of errands we stopped at AT&T and got set up for the data plan. I've been setting things up ever since.

It's able to connect to my work email and associated calendar, contacts, etc., but I haven't gotten it working with my home email yet -- maybe I just don't remember the password. Internet connectivity is good, not great though: it's a little slow but the limitation is usually the form factor of the device and its browser. The browser is an Opera Mini customized to the Fuze, and it does a great job of trying to give you the best compromise between seeing the page as it would be on a PC, and seeing it in a form readable on the handheld. But that's necessarily a compromise: most web pages are just terribly inappropriate for small devices and most sites don't offer a mobile version.

There are a lot of applications I need to migrate from my old phone, but two are the most important: ListPro and Ultrasoft Money. I got ListPro migrated over in no time, and it works really slick, shifting between portrait and landscape when I slide open the keyboard. I haven't done Ultrasoft Money yet since it involves PC synch elements, but once I've done that, my old phone can go onto standby. (Eventually when everything is set up I'll probably sell it.)

Some of the goofier things I've done include taking a picture of the lake and uploading it to Photobucket right from the phone (it's the picture on this post), setting up IM (already proved useful once), and play a game that simulates a maze you roll a ball around in avoiding holes, which uses the phone's tilt sensor and vibration alarm.

The data plan is pretty expensive but I think I'm going to like omnipresent Internet enough to be worth it.

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