Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donating blood

I used to donate blood at the blood drive in Montpelier every time I could (despite my AB+ blood type being of relatively little value compared to the ideal O-), and passed the gallon mark some while ago, but I stopped because of some not very good reasons. It was always a hassle to get to the blood drive as I have no vehicle at work, and bumming a ride was tricky; I hate feeling like an imposition, and no one else is ever going to the blood drive at the right time. That only got a lot more so when they moved it from downtown (to which I could in theory walk, though it's a bit too far while carrying my stuff) to up the hill at the college (which is out of everyone's way). Also, I used to have someone to go with, but for the longest time I didn't, and that also diminished my enthusiasm.

When it was time for my surgery I hadn't been doing it for a while, but thinking I should. But of course after this surgery there's a while you shouldn't.

The one year post-op blood testing is done and the Vitamin D deficiency addressed, so I'm now approved to donate blood again, and I intend to start with the next Montpelier blood drive next month. Still not sure how I'll get there. Maybe I could try my bike, though hauling my laptop on my backpack that far uphill is still a bit of a strain. We'll just have to see.

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