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A random idea occurred to me and by time I had finished exploring it I had a complete and, I think, really cool spell list for Spell Law, which I will no doubt introduce into my Uncreated campaign before long. I need to go over it again to weed out the ways it could be abused, though.

1Chandlery1 candle1hr/2lvltouch
2Snuff20' radiusinstantself
3Votivesightas candletouch
4Hearthcandle10' radiusas candletouch
5Wind Ward1 candleas candletouch
6Flashcandle30' radiusas candletouch
7Incense10' radiusas candletouch
8Smoky Candle20' radius1 minutetouch
9Snuff True20' radiusinstantself
10Pillar10' radiusas candletouch
11Mass Chandlery1/level1 hourtouch
12Jar Candle1 personas candletouch
13Sparkcandle30' radiusas candletouch
14Taper6 inchesas candletouch
15Floating Candle10'radiusas candletouch
16Tea Light10' radiusas candletouch
17Swirl1 candleas candletouch
18Spiralspecialas candletouch
19Tea Light True10' radiusas candletouch
20Burstcandle30' radiusas candletouch
25Rainbow1 candleas candletouch

1. Chandlery: Requires a length of wicking; creates a candle around it, of a color and scent desired by the caster, which will last one hour per two levels (minimum of 1 hour) and burn cleanly. The candle has no special properties save that it is suitable for enchantment by other spells on this list, and cannot be snuffed with the Snuff spell (but can be with Snuff True). If not burned, the candle wax will dissolve into the air in one hour.

2. Snuff: Extinguishes all non-magical, fire-based light sources within the area of effect, including candles, torches, and lanterns, but not including fires that are not primarily for light such as campfires or burning buildings. The caster can also choose to snuff a single light source within the area, instead of all of them.

3. Votive: Turns a Chandlery candle into a votive candle. Speak someone's name while you light it, and for as long as it burns and the named person can see it, he will get a +1 to any action that requires concentration or focus. A person can benefit from only one votive candle at a time.

4. Hearthcandle: Converts a Chandlery candle into a hearthcandle. When burned, a hearthcandle gives off as much heat as a roaring campfire, enough to keep people warm or to cook over. The hearthcandle must be placed on a firm surface to give off this heat; if picked up, it reverts to regular candle warmth until set down again.

5. Wind Ward: Protects a Chandlery candle against being extinguished by natural wind. Also gives it a 50% chance to resist magical wind that would extinguish normal candles. This can be added to other candles (such as hearthcandles, votives, etc.), even swirl and rainbow candles.

6. Flashcandle: Converts a Chandlery candle into a flashcandle. If a name of a specific being or class of beings is spoken while it's lit, the candle will give off a bright warning flash (sufficient to awaken anyone who's sleeping facing towards it) when anyone that matches that name comes within range. The flash will consume the candle. The name can be as specific as a particular person's name, or can be more general, such as "wolves" or "predators", but it must be a single word, and it cannot depend on intention (e.g., "enemies" or "hostiles" won't work, it must depend only on the nature of the being).

7. Incense: Converts a Chandlery candle into an incense candle whose potent, spicy aroma purifies the air, removing all dangerous impurities and effects such as poison gas, airborne disease, etc. It will even protect against loss of atmosphere within its area of effect.

8. Smoky Candle: Converts a Chandlery candle into a tapered candle that gives off a fine silvery smoke that fills the area; this will burn up the candle in only a minute, regardless of how long it would otherwise have lasted. Within the area of effect, magical auras will be revealed by the smoke, exposing invisible creatures, possessions, hauntings, and similar hidden auras.

9. Snuff True: As Snuff, but can also extinguish magical sources, including Chandlery candles. In the latter case, the spellcaster makes an attack with his spell skill against the spell skill of the caster who made the candle, with an addition +8, snuffing the candle (and thus its effects) on a success.

10. Pillar: Converts a Chandlery candle to a pillar candle which, when burned, will create the same light as full daylight within its area of effect (similar to Utterlight).

11. Mass Chandlery: As Chandlery, but one candle per level can be made at one time, though these candles will each last only one hour.

12. Jar Candle: Converts a Chandlery candle into a jar candle: the lid also contains a tiny candle and wick. The jar candle can be used to store a location to which one can teleport from any distance using the lid candle. Set the jar on a firm surface and light the candle, and as the candle in the jar burns down and grows smaller, the candle in the lid will grow correspondingly larger. If the jar candle burns out or is extinguished, the lid candle vanishes as well. Otherwise, invert and light the lid candle to start the process of teleporting to the location of the jar. The longer you waited after lighting the jar candle, the longer it takes; for every hour the jar candle burned down, the lid candle takes a minute to burn down. When it's burned all the way down, the lid candle and the person holding it are teleported to the location of the jar candle, and both candles are consumed. In any case, the jar is consumed with the candle.

13. Sparkcandle: As Flashcandle, but also attacks the being or beings that set it off with a firebolt at the moment it fires. The firebolt attacks with an offensive bonus of 5.

14. Taper: Converts a Chandlery candle into a taper. When taper candles are arranged in a line or circle on the ground, they create a barrier over which magical beings, including summoned (e.g., demons), conjured (e.g., elementals), and created (e.g., golems) beings, cannot cross. Tapers must be not more than six inches apart. The beings affected by the spell cannot knock over or otherwise directly disrupt the barrier, but they can certainly try to convince or trick others into breaking it.

15. Floating Candle: Converts a Chandlery candle into a floating candle in the shape of a hemisphere. If set into water and lit, it will radiate a potent calming aroma. Any hostile act by any party within the area of effect must first resist the calming effect (attacks with a 10) before it can proceed.

16. Tea Light: Converts a Chandlery candle into a tea light. Research or study of academic subjects in the presence of a tea light, if done in an atmosphere conducive to such study, will be 25% quicker or more effective. Tea lights also offer a +5 to rolls on anything related to meditation. The tea light only benefits the person who lit it.

17. Swirl: Converts a Chandlery candle into a swirl. Any two Chandlery spells can be cast to make this into a candle which combines their effects. For instance, you could cast Swirl, then Hearthcandle and Incense to make a single candle that protects against impurities and cold. A swirl candle will last for a period of days equal to the creator's level before evaporating.

18. Spiral: Converts a Chandlery candle into a spiral candle. Use of at least one spiral candle per participant in any magical ritual or channeling circle (involving three or more participants) will increase the effectiveness of the ritual by 10% (GM's discretion how this applies to any particular ritual).

19. Tea Light True: As Tea Light, but the candle will also increase the natural recovery of spell points or mana by 25%. The tea light can be left lit while sleeping or resting as long as the person stays within its area of effect.

20. Burstcandle: As Sparkcandle, but with a fireball instead of firebolt.

25. Rainbow: As Swirl, but a rainbow candle can combine the effects of up to six types of candles.

30. Seashell: Converts a Chandlery candle into a seashell candle. When burned, it will spread out smoke over an area of several miles, clearly revealing the flows of essence within that area.

50. Mountain: Converts a Chandlery candle into a mountain candle. When burned, it will reshape the flows of essence to redirect them towards the spot where the candle is placed. If this spot is entirely adverse to the flows of essence, the effect will be limited to a few hours; however, for more suitable places, the effect can last a very long time or even be permanent. Lighting a mountain candle requires a ritual that takes one uninterrupted day of concentration and meditation. Groups of three to thirteen chandlers who all know this spell can cooperate on a ritual, using spiral candles to facilitate it, to reduce the time; in this case, divide the 24 hours required by one less than the number of chandlers involved. The ritual drains all participants of all spell points.

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litlfrog said...

I really like the focused lists of Spell Law. This one looks consistent and full of useful spells. I guess my Devil's Advocate question would be "Do they add capabilities not already available in other lists?" There's a whole lotta Spell Law out there and I just don't know the answer.