Sunday, December 14, 2008

This year's ornament

This year's ornament is here and up on the tree. It's pretty amazing how detailed it is; even though the whole globe is only a few inches across, you can not only see the Hawaiian islands, you can see contours and landscape on them.

There was a catalog from LiveScienceStore in the package. I usually don't look at paper catalogs since I want to encourage the reduction of their use -- when I want to look in a catalog I just go online since the most current version is already right in front of me, and why cut down trees and burn fuel moving their squished bits around just to transport information? But I couldn't resist a science shop catalog, especially a nice slim one. As a result, there are a few new things on my Amazon wish list. That's how they get ya!

It's less than two weeks until Christmas and I still have barely listened to any Christmas music. This is odd. I should probably do something about that.

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