Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of the season

That tree I've been working on only needs about 6-8 more cuts to be done. By "done" of course I mean left in rounds out in the woods until I can haul them up to the lawn in spring in hopes of being able to split them in the summer and stack them to burn the following year. So it's a very arbitrary "done" point.

Even so I don't think I'm going to get to it this year. This week's nor'easter left enough snow that getting to the tree is going to be hard, and cleaning it off of snow enough to bring the chainsaw to bear is also going to be hard. The weather is also bitter and nasty. Even if I happen to get a nice weekend without precipitation, and without it being too cold to work outside, the necessity of dealing with the built-up snow will make it not worth doing. People say winter's a good time to cut wood, but I think that's more applicable to doing the whole fell-limb-buck-split process in one go on a clear day; not bucking something you felled three weeks earlier which is now covered in snow.

Really it won't change anything if I do the last few cuts in spring, since I probably won't be able to split the rounds until summer anyway.

So I guess it's time to put away the chainsaw one last time this year.

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