Monday, December 29, 2008

Loot #4: History of Aeronautical Research

It's hard to properly convey the scope of this present with a picture.

It's about three feet by five feet and it's chock full of pictures and details, organized into vertical stripes for the years, and horizontal blocks for related research, detailing the history of aeronautical and space research in the United States since the early 60s. There are also a few history facts to help you relate to the times: Best Picture for each year, current President, price of gas, and a few others.

Framing something like that would be absurdly expensive, but since it could be sliced in half so each half was only about one and a half feet wide, we were able to get it laminated at Staples at a much more reasonable price. You can see it here decorating the wall next to where the treadmill used to be (before we sold it).

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