Friday, April 14, 2006

The tyranny of a favorite activity

I really, really, really like roleplaying. It could almost be said as a truth that, for any X that is a member of the set of all possible activities, excluding those that take the form "roleplaying and Y" (where Y is a member of the same set), I would rather be roleplaying than X.

The problem with this, of course, is that left to my own devices, every single time I was in a room with such people as create the necessary environment for roleplaying, I would be roleplaying; and thus, I would never do any of many other things that are also enjoyable, and that I would rather not be without, on the whole.

Fortunately, no one I know has quite that extreme a preference, and naturally I can't and shouldn't force my preference on them; thus, they insist, as a matter of course, that I engage in such other activities as socialization, trivia, banter, dinner parties, card games, watching movies, and other pursuits.

What ends up getting lost is the other things that I might be the only (or most likely) initiator of, since no one initiates them because I would always be looking to roleplay instead. I think that philosophizing is one of those. Like many, back in college, I did a lot of it, and then afterwards set it aside in favor of the mundanities of filling out a timesheet. But it's still there; I think things out in the shower, in the car, in the bathroom, while waiting for my computer to reboot, etc. and then I don't do anything with them. They just pile up.

Looks like I should have gotten a blog a long time ago, since it has, apparently, become a place to pour these ideas. And I have a lot more things to expound and expostulate on. I feel sure I'll bore people, but... I'm not sure that matters now. It's just an excuse for me to pour the ideas out and explore them. It's great if someone reads it and posts thoughtful comments about it. But even when no one does, I still think it was worth the trip.

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Siobhan Perricone said...

Well I'm enjoying your thinking process, and I think your blog is really interesting. So there! :)