Monday, April 24, 2006

The end of the beginning

Yesterday marks the first full 24-hour period since the founding of this blog that there was nothing posted to it. The first step in the inevitable decline into intermittency and languishment to which most blogs are doomed? Maybe.

When I started the blog, one of the rules I set myself was that I wasn't posting on a schedule, just whenever I felt like posting. (The other two: Every post will have a single topic, not be a stream-of-consciousness about various things going on in the same day; this isn't simply a personal journal. No posts that are just a link to something; every post will have some of me in them, or I won't post it.)

Finding the blog an appropriate venue for lots of speculations and philosophizing and storytelling that's been sitting in my brain for years, I produced a flurry of stuff, but I always knew that the flurry would not go on forever. It's not a matter of losing interest, which is what I suspect causes most blogs to fall off after an initial spurt of Novelty-driven activity. I'm just playing out the backlog at high speed until it's caught up, then working at the slower normal throughput level of how often ideas that are suitable for my blog get to a state of refinement appropriate for posting.

Addendum: Ironically, is having technical difficulties as I write this, which suggest that if I had published something yesterday, it would not be visible anyway. No idea when this post will finally go up, either.

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