Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brynna, still mousing at 15½

Brynna, our cat, is now fifteen and a half years old. She was born the runt of the litter, and grumpy about it -- she came out yowling. She was never very bright. Always scrawny, and almost always grumpy her whole life.


Somehow, though, even at this advanced age, even though she's having some systems fail (balancing kidney and thyroid medications, giving her subcutaneous fluid once a week, trying to get her to put on weight in vain), and even though she's wearing a collar with ten bells on it, she still catches mice. Tried to bring in a particularly juicy one today.

You've got to give the girl credit.


Anonymous said...

She's no Maine Coon Cat though!


HawthornThistleberry said...

The cat she outlived, Kira, was a Maine Coon, pretty as a picture and as loyal as can be. She and I had a little ritual, going out on the porch before bedtime; she always knew when it was time to go out and time to come back in. I miss her.

When Brynna finally runs out of miles, we'll probably get a dog (now that we finally(!) are settled in the house we're going to live in the rest of our lives -- no more renting!), and once the dog's settled in, a couple more cats (because it's easier to add cats to a house with a dog than vice versa). Maine Coons will be high on the list, when it comes time to choose.