Thursday, April 13, 2006

Adventures in mobile networking!

As previously recorded, my Linksys WiFi router crashed, and I got a new one to put in its place. Then I found out that the old one might be fine, but only the power supply was bad. I had no AC power supply in the right voltage and couldn't find one to borrow, but lo and behold, I realized I had an auto DC adapter that could do the trick.

So this evening, on the way to shopping, I plugged in my WiFi router while it sat on the dashboard of my Prius as my wife was driving us up Interstate 89 at 70+ miles per hour. The lights came on correctly, but just to be sure, I whipped out my Palm T|X and connected to the WiFi.

I found it very amusing, a working WiFi network with WEP authentication, heading up the Interstate. If only I'd had a GPRS modem hooked up to it. Other people who wanted to go wardriving would have to try to keep up with us!

It's probably a good thing for me that I'm so easily amused by myself.

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