Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

We're not really celebrating Valentine's Day in any particular way, but perhaps because of that, we're joking about celebrating Valentine's Day almost constantly. Last night I heated up some frozen mini lava cakes and made a big production of it being for Valentine's Day, just as we did earlier in the week with other things even more mundane. Today while grocery shopping, whenever one of us put something in the cart that was specifically for one or the other of us, we'd say Happy Valentine's Day and point to it.

A number of times we took it to the next level of absurdity: one of us would pick something up from a shelf (usually something Valentine's-Day-oriented) and give it to the other, saying "Happy Valentine's Day," after which the other would return the same gesture, and then the item would go back on the shelf. And after all, doesn't that already get you 90% of what you're getting from the commercialized version? And it's a lot cheaper.

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